Picture by Alicia Piot Bouysse


Emilie Leblanc Kromberg (owner of élk joaillerie) is a recognized professional craftswoman since 2010, she loves materials and the various ways of transforming it. This love is visible in her pieces, which demonstrate the prowess of her know-how and her patience.

For the originality of her approach as well as the quality of her works, she won the art and craft award at the 2016 Grand Prix Desjardins de la Culture in Lanaudière, Québec, Canada.

Graduated goldsmith in 2006, she devoted herself for several years to her company, élk joaillerie. She sells her jewellery internationally through her online store and by selling in well-known trade shows. Her work in gold and silver, is mainly made in an ancient Japanese technique called, mokume gane. Mokume gane, is literally translated as "wood eye metal". This technique was used in the 17th century to make the famous samurai swords, the katanas.

Emilie likes contrasts: she superimposes different metals, works with multiple techniques, and uses matte finishes while adding shine with precious stones. Her pieces are very elaborate meanwhile maintaining a natural look.




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